Me? A Bottomless Waiter?

Now that I look back, I realize that if I had the same confidence at twenty years of age that I have today, I would have surely chosen a career path that involved being naked as often as possible.

Maybe I would have chosen to be a male stripper, or even a porn star? Actually, my penis has probably always been too small for that, whether I was twenty or the age I am today. But that is nor here, nor there.

The funny thing is that at twenty years of age I was in top shape, yet I was too shy or too much of a prude to even take my shirt off at the beach. And this, despite the fact that I had a flat stomach.

Nowadays, I’m sporting a little bit of what is commonly called a beer belly (albeit a very small one), and yet I have no problem being completely naked at the beach. Life is weird that way. Almost as if the concept of good timing was entirely off. But I guess it’s a question of having had the time to mature, to find yourself, to gain confidence in yourself, and to overcome the body shame that is so often ingrained into us very early in life.

Today several things are true: I love to be naked, I am always naked when I am at home, and I am no longer shy about being naked in front of others.

Jade Sambrook as a Bottomless Waiter without pants
Being a Bottomless Waiter is fun and wearing the uniform is very comfortable.

I also adore being in situations of CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male). For me it is a question of reversing the roles, or reversing the vulnerability. What do I mean by that? For all too long we have become accustomed to seeing female nudity in cinema and mass media. In fact, unless you watch a show like Game of Thrones, full frontal male nudity is a rarity in those domains. And being the only naked person when everybody else is clothed, especially in a male-female dynamic, can definitely bring on a certain sense of vulnerability.

Simply put, those clothed women can judge you and even rate your ”private parts” when you are naked before them. Whereas you cannot do the same. This is a vulnerability that I love to experience.

When you are at a nudist beach, everybody is equal because everybody is naked. There is no judging. In fact, the nude beach helps one realize that they are normal, that they are just like everybody else. At least this has been the case for me.

But when you are the only naked person it is an entirely different thing. And that is why I think that I witness so many positive reactions from so many women when I am naked at the Toronto Pride Festival or other public events. I am vulnerable, yet they adore my confidence to share myself unclothed and to allow myself to be exposed naked for all to see. And as I mentioned a paragraph above, they get to view something that is all to often uncommon in cinema and mass-media: full frontal male nudity.

So, while it may be too late to become a male stripper or a porn star, I was thinking that maybe as a sideline I could offer my services as a Bottomless Waiter (also known as a Butler in the Buff or a Bartender without Pants). This of course would be for women-only parties, such as  bachelorettes and the like.

A photo of Jade Sambrook with his semi-erect penis on display while working as a Bottomless Waiter.
When your hands are full working as a Bottomless Waiter there is no way to hide it! LOL!

Now, considering how much I love being naked, how I no longer have any body-shame, and how much I love to experience any dose of CFNM that I can, I would most likely do it without charging a single dime.

How about you? Is this something you’d feel comfortable doing? And if given the opportunity, would you hire me to volunteer my services as a Bottomless Waiter at your party?

One thing is sure though , I still do wish that I had the same confidence at twenty years of age that I have today. I really would have chosen a different career path. One that involves being naked. And who knows? Just maybe by now I’d be a very experienced and a world-renowned Bottomless Waiter. LOL!

5 thoughts on “Me? A Bottomless Waiter?

  1. sassycoupleok May 12, 2019 / 23:18

    Being a nude waiter at a ladies only party would be a dream come true. Sure you would need to do the work but at some point you may need to perform for a few of the ladies.Having ones penis looked at, admired, touched stroked or maybe ebn more would be a night form heaven, yes, no pay required, it’s a labor of love.

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    • Jade Sambrook May 12, 2019 / 23:44

      I’m so happy that you approve and agree! I couldnt have said it any better than what you said in your comment here! As always, thank you for your readership and for taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment! 🙂


  2. sassycoupleok May 13, 2019 / 06:27

    Sorry for the poor typing and spelling, it was late when I sent that comment. My wife has tried to put a hen party together and have CFNM night for her lady friends. Her friends are always complaining about the lack of a good sex life both single and married so she thought it would be something they could all enjoy together.I had actually told her about CFNM after she and a few friends went to see a few Chippendale shows. She thought it was a great idea and I gave it a my personal blessing. She went so far as to ask me and two other men she knows and has seen them nude and thought they would make great waiters, of course we all agreed. Sadly all of her friends have rejected the idea of doing the party.She was really looking forward to watching her friends enjoy some free cock play time.


  3. Adam November 18, 2020 / 18:48

    I tried this when I turned 40, I got a job through a staff member that worked under me, we were made redundant, I worked on ladies nights they liked my grey pubes, big dick and balls, We had to shave our scrotums though, I was asked by my colleague who told the owner he thought I was hung. Often had ball ache by the end of a shit as no briefs for support, the giggles were funny, I did it for two years. Have some photos

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  4. Jade Sambrook November 18, 2020 / 19:05

    Thank you for the comment Adam. That is very interesting. I would love to be able to do such a job. But unlike you, Im probably not “hung” enough. LOL!

    Im surprised to learn about “aching balls” because of the lack of support. My understanding is that balls do not need support like female breasts, as they are naturally suppose to be able to move away from the shaft (hang lower) when the temperature increases and move closer to the shaft when temperature decreases. I definitely do not get ball ache when I wear a kilt. But I maybe that is just me.


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