My Naked Karaoke of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin bout a Revolution’

Jade Sambrook Performs Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin bout a Revolution’ at Bareoke (Strip Karaoke)

Bareoke use to take place at Cabaret Playhouse in Montreal, until the venue was sold by the owner and ultimately closed. It now takes place on the first Saturday of every month at Cafe Cleopatra.

In this segment I perform the final karaoke of the night. While the quality of the video, the audio and the singing may not be the best, what is important is that Jade Sambrook had a lot of fun! As usual, I do not perform a classic striptease like one would see in a strip bar with professional “chip ‘n’ dale” dancers. Instead, my clothes – in this case the kilt – come off almost immediately so that I can spend as much time as possible naked on stage. After all, most songs are only about four minutes in duration – which goes by rather quickly – so it is important to take advantage of that time to be naked for as long as possible. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call this naked karaoke instead of strip karaoke. The only thing that doesn’t come off are my shoes and my kilt hose (socks). And, I was happy to receive a well deserved smack on the ass at the very end of my performance.

Naturally I am already looking forward to next month’s Bareoke (strip karaoke), even though I have no idea what I will sing. One thing is certain however, I will be filming and sharing it for all to see.

Should it be of interest, you can see my previous strip karaoke performance of MJ’s ‘Beat It’ at the Cabaret Playhouse by clicking here.

In the meantime, be sure to come to a Bareoke night if you live in Montreal, or if ever you are visiting the city. It’s as ”bare as you dare” if you are performing a karaoke, and if not, you can simply come to watch and have a good time.

Bareoke is from 10PM until 3am on the first Saturday of every month at Cafe Cleopatra. Hope to see you there!

Video duration: 04:12

VIDEO: Jade Sambrook Performing MJ’s ‘Beat It’ at Lipster’s Bareoke (Strip Karaoke)

A little while back I wrote about my experience at Bareoke, otherwise known as strip karaoke. If you have not had the chance to read that post it is available here.

On the second Thursday of every month, the Cabaret Playhouse in Montreal is host to the bareoke event which is organized by the Lipster entertainment group. Fortunately Lipster puts on such an event, as finding clothing free activities is often difficult. Unfortunately though, you can only be free of clothes while you are performing on stage.

According to Lipster, the bar licence only allows for nudity on the stage. Meanwhile, in a conversation with the owner of the bar, I was told that he didn’t care whether people were naked off of the stage, as long as they were not barefoot. He did however add that since this was Lipster’s event, they had final say in calling the shots.

Personally I would love to stay naked after leaving the stage, and I know that this is the case for many others. Especially considering the hot summer months are on their way and it is naturally hot inside of the venue. With that being said, I am hoping that some slight diplomatic pressure will lead to Lipster allowing nudity off of the stage.

Now regardless of that issue, I am still more than happy to attend. In fact, at last night’s bareoke I performed Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. While I may look 100% ridiculous in my performance, what is important is that I am able to laugh at myself and have fun. After all we only live once, right?

Quite frankly I am not sure if Michael Jackson would be proud of me or if he is rolling over in his grave. Regardless, what is important is that Jade Sambrook got to have some fun while partially naked to boot. I say partially naked because I only remove my kilt during the song. And now we all know what is worn under the kilt! As they say: ”Nothing is worn under the kilt, everything is in perfect working order!” Actually, if I keep jumping around on the stage like I did in last night’s performance, something might be worn sooner rather than later, if you know what I mean?

Besides, it is obviously difficult to undress while singing at the same time. Therefore, only removing the kilt is good enough for me. I’ve done Michael Jackson songs in the past, and I had told myself that I would never do so again. To be honest, I’ve learned that Michael Jackson’s music is actually quite complex and hard to sing.

I had originally planned on singing ‘Kiss’ by Prince, and was actually practicing all day long in anticipation of my bareoke performance. To my surprise though, ‘Kiss’ by Prince was not available in the song book. I’d like to say that I practiced for nothing, but in the end nothing is lost, since I can now sing that song with the right lyrics from beginning to end. Now if only I could learn to dance like Prince, but that is another story for another day.

I therefore opted to do an MJ song, even if I had promised never to do so again. And I learned that ‘Beat It’ is probably the easiest of the MJ songs to karaoke. Naturally I am always looking to sing a song that is upbeat so as not to put the crowd to sleep. I’m sure that nobody wants to hear me karaoke something like ‘Foolish Games’ by Jewel or ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan.

On a funny note, it came to mind after my performance that maybe singing ‘Beat It’ without wearing any underwear was kind of inappropriate. Whatever.

Again, what is important is that I had fun! And unlike in previous occasions, this time I allowed a friend of mine to film my performance, which I am sharing with you today. Although I am 100% ridiculous, I had fun and I got to take my kilt off at the same time.

If you live in or near Montreal, and would like to come to Bareoke, the Facebook event page can be viewed here.

Otherwise, going forward I will hopefully be able to provide additional videos of my bareoke performances, and hopefully, I will also one day be able to stay naked even after leaving the stage.