Photo: The Tyranny of Pants is No Friend to a Devout Nudist

After a long day at the office the pants need to come off. For Jade Sambrook bifurcation is an aggravating factor. Working all day surrounded by four walls with no windows, under pressure and dealing with the added discomfort of wearing trousers, the first thing towards obtaining a moment of freedom and liberation is for him to lose any textile below the waist. Only then is he truly free. Only then is he truly himself. It’s a bottomless reality – the tyranny of pants is no friend to a devout nudist.

Jade Sambrook not wearing any pants after a day at the office

What camera settings were used to take this photo?

Focal Length: 26mm
Exposure: 1/250 sec, f/8, ISO-400
Metering: Spot
Flash: Yes

Camera: Pentax K10D
Lens: Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro

Aren’t you embarrassed that people can see you naked, or that they can see your penis?

Absolutely not! I am not ashamed of my body, nor am I worried if somebody can see my flaccid penis. After all it’s just a piece of skin. It’s a part of the body like any other part of the body. To me a penis is like an elbow or a knee. It really is no big deal. Again, it’s just a part of the body. Honestly, we see things everyday on TV that are much worse than my naked body or my penis. I’m a devout nudist and I don’t subscribe to what mainstream society had previously taught me. I don’t believe in being ashamed of who I am or what I am. I rip my clothes off the minute I get home from work. And if I could, I would simply go to work without wearing any clothes to begin with. Some people choose to wear a certain coloured shirt while others choose to wear pants with stripes or polka dots. And for me, well, I would like to be able to choose to wear nothing but my skin.