A Dose of Winter Nudism on Snowshoes

Jade Sambrook's Feature Photo from The Naked Jade Blog: A Dose of Winter Nudism on Snowshoes

As I had mentioned in my previous blog post, summer is almost here. And until it does arrive there is simply no getting away from the cold winter – if you live in Eastern Canada like me that is.

If you live somewhere like Florida, Brazil or Cuba and you are able to visit a nude beach whenever you please, then I’m extremely jealous and envious of you!

Opportunities to practice any form of nudism are obviously very limited in my neck of the woods at this time of the year. For now I’m mostly relegated to enjoying the naked life in my own home, attending strip karaoke events or wearing my Scottish kilt while I’m out and about.

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Luckily this winter has been very mild – which unfortunately is most likely due to global warming – and has given me the ability to wear the kilt more often than usual. Clearly nothing beats the feeling of nature’s breeze on a full naked body, but I’ll happily accept that breeze where I can get it. And wearing the kilt with nothing underneath allows for just that.

I was even able to wear the kilt to Igloofest a couple of weekends ago thanks to the mild weather. It was only minus 5 degree Celsius and very comfortable.

What is Igloofest you ask? It’s a mega outdoor wintertime rave with great music that takes place on a 50,000 square foot playground over four weekends. It attracts thousands of partyers and includes a competition for who is wearing the best one-piece snowsuit. There are tons of ice sculptures, bars and castles, a mega slide, fire pits and many games. For example this year they are hosting the first ever Christmas tree throw, which is suppose to mimic the Scottish caber toss.

[For more on the Igloofest please visit their website here: http://igloofest.ca/en/]

I attended on the Saturday night of the first weekend, and was amazed at how many folks approached me to ask if I was cold, whether I was wearing anything underneath the kilt, and if they could take a look. Many folks – mostly women – simply lifted the kilt to see for themselves and many requested photos with the kilt being held up.

Of course I do not give a damn because I’m a die hard nudist and to me there is nothing more banal than a flaccid penis. As they say, it’s just skin. What was surprising though – or rather awesome I should say – is that nobody in the crowd seemed to be bothered while the photos were being taken with the kilt lifted and my ”junk” totally exposed.

Yes, only adults eighteen years or older are allowed on the site, and certainly everybody is there to have a good time, so it is likely that they would find the lifted kilt to be simply amusing. But that nobody complained at the site of an exposed penis in public makes me believe that folks are becoming less adverse to public nudity. Maybe I’m wrong, but if it’s the case this can only be a good thing because it is precisely the direction that I’ve wanted society to take for some time now.

I was not able to attend Igloofest the following weekend because I was invited to a childhood reunion in the countryside. At first I wasn’t keen on leaving the big city and missing out on the second weekend of Igloofest, but in the end I’m happy that I did because the countryside turned out to be a great experience.

One of the highlights of the weekend was snowshoeing in my kilt. Again, the mild weather was a great help in allowing this. Then things got even better! To my great surprise I ended up getting my dose of nudism smack in the middle of winter.

That’s right! A dose of winter nudism! My friends – who all know that I’m a die hard nudist – dared me to try snowshoeing without the kilt. It didn’t take Jade Sambrook very long to strip off more than just the kilt and to venture down the trail wearing nothing but a birthday suit, a tuque, kilt hose and winter boots.

Jade Sambrook snowshoeing naked in the middle of winter
Jade Sambrook snowshoeing naked in the middle of winter

I was ecstatic about being able to try something that I had never done before. I was left with a perma-smile from the endorphin rush caused by the feeling of comfort and freedom from finally being naked outside despite the winter. In all honesty, I think that I gave new meaning to the term ‘extreme sport’ – insofar as snowshoeing is concerned.

Jade Sambrook happily naked on snowshoes
Jade Sambrook happily naked on snowshoes
Jade Sambrook wearing his birthday suit for the 'extreme sport' of snowshoeing
Jade Sambrook wearing his birthday suit for the ‘extreme sport’ of snowshoeing

As you may know, the etymological meaning of the word gym is “naked” – originating from the Greek word ‘gymnos’. In fact, the Greek use to compete in sports wearing nothing but their birthday suit. Now, I’m certain that their sports did not involve winter snow, but I think we can agree that they’d be very proud of me. I’m certainly very proud of me!

Going forward, I’ll be attending the last two weekends of Igloofest, and most likely I’ll once again be wearing my kilt. My true wish though would be to wear my birthday suit, a tuque, kilt hose and snowshoes! That way nobody would have to hold the kilt up when taking photos. And something tells me that if that were the case the requests for photos would be nonstop.

The Nude Picture of 1000+ Words

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then again maybe sometimes it’s actually worth more than a thousand words. I like to tell myself that that is the case with the picture here.

On an unrelated side note, I have to say that I really dislike using ‘that that’ together in a sentence. Although it is grammatically acceptable, I simply prefer not to use it. But that is another story, isn’t it?

Back to the point: the picture! It was taken during the month of June last year. When I look at it, I am reminded of the warm summer air, the beautiful blue sky, the birds and the bees as well as the trees and flowers that are so full of life. Summer truly is my favorite season – as I am sure is the case for most people – especially if you are a nudist like me.

Jade Sambrook taking walk in the woods while nude on a beautiful summer day.
Jade Sambrook taking a walk in the woods while nude on a beautiful summer day.

Here in eastern Canada where I live the winters are long and cold. Freezing cold. Did I say long too? Yes I did.

For a nudist like me winter feels like the enemy. It might not completely stop me from practicing my passion for nudism, but it is definitely nowhere near as good as summer. Of course during the winter months I can still be naked at home. And I might even go for a quick jog through the woods while bottomless – but again, winter will simply never beat summer.

I should mention though that I discovered that the white snow is great for tanning the legs and buttocks. It acts like one big reflector, equally dispersing the sun light onto any exposed skin. I learned this after spending much time outdoors – naked from the waist down – during a particular winter some years ago. Never had the skin on my legs and buttocks been so dark.

Now some folks may ask why bottomless and why not fully nude? The answer to that is that body heat is easily lost through both the nuque (back of the head & neck) and through the upper torso. So as long as you have a tuque on your head, a warm winter jacket on your upper body and a good pair of winter shoes or boots on your feet, then you can pretty much spend a great deal of time naked from the waist down out in the snow.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s ideal. I’m not saying that it should or can be done when the temperature is minus thirty degree Celsius. Nor am I saying that men wont suffer from a little bit of shrinkage, because they definitely will! All that I am saying is that there is a way to experience nudism in winter – albeit only partially naked – and even get a good tan on your legs and bum while you’re at it.

Jade Sambrook naked in the winter snow
Jade Sambrook naked in the winter snow.

Alright, back to the original picture now! It was taken during the summer – not during the winter – so I should stop talking about cold snow for crying out loud! The truth of the matter however is that like I was saying earlier, a picture speaks a thousand words, or more. And the words coming from the picture is that summer is such a great season for any true nudist.

During the summer nudists can go to the nude beach. We can justify not wearing clothes at home because of the heat waves. We can go for a nude walk in the woods – or more simply put – free hiking.

When I look at the picture I am reminded that nudism is liberating. It’s healthy. It’s therapeutic. It’s extremely comfortable. In fact, I use to leave the office after a day of work with feelings of major stress and anxiety. I would then go for a walk in the woods while nude and I would come out completely cured from that stress and anxiety.

That is why I believe medical practitioners should be able to prescribe nudism as a remedy for various ailments. I am convinced that nudism might just heal many folks without the need for them to use pharmaceuticals.

And if medical doctors could prescribe longer summers along with a heavy dose of nudism, then we would definitely be living in a Utopian world. One can always dream, right?

Jade Sambrook free hiking bottomless at the end of winter
Jade Sambrook free hiking bottomless at the end of winter.

In the meantime – as winter approaches – I will continue to look at that picture to remind myself that summer is right around the corner. Yes I’m optimistic! I will continue to remind myself that soon I will be on the beach, in the woods or wherever I so happen to be – fully naked – without a single piece of clothing on my body. No tuque, no warm winter jacket and no winter boots. Just a pair of walking shoes or sandals at the very most.

Those are the words that I am reading from that picture. Somehow though I feel like it’s telling me way more than a thousand words. They are good words. Naked words. Words that make a die-hard nudist like me happy. In the end I can only be grateful for such a great picture: a nude picture of 1000+ words.