My Latest Nude ‘Playgirl’ Photo Series: The Verdict

A few days before writing this blog post I had posted a video to my Instagram Story showing the set design for my next potential photo shoot. The set design was very simple, with a few strings of LED lights on the wall and a stack of empty wooden wine cases on the floor.

I also added to this Instagram Story video the Instagram Poll Sticker in order to ask whether I should use this opportunity to do a nude ‘Playgirl’ style photo shoot. And I was quite pleased when eighty percent of those who voted in my Instagram Poll answered in the affirmative, that yes indeed, I should.

A screenshot of the Instagram Poll results from Jade Sambrook's Instagram Story asking if he should do a nude ''Playgirl'' style photo shoot
The people have spoken!

Although it can be a lot of hard work (no pun intended), it is a lot of fun for me to do a nude ‘Playgirl’ style photo shoot. I get to be naked, I get to be creative, and I get to share myself without any body-shame.

It also goes without saying that having many of my Instagram followers vote to push me in the direction of doing such a photo shoot is highly motivating. Going forward, it encourages me to continue to create similar content. It’s just too bad, however, that I can’t share it on Instagram so that those who voted in the poll can see the results for themselves.

Jade Sambrook naked on his knees while posing for a nude "Playgirl" style photo shoot.
Posing naked for one of my nude ‘Playgirl’ style photos

And so ”lights, camera, and action” it was. Off came the clothes (figuratively speaking), with a different pose here and there, and multiple shutter releases on the camera until I felt the job was done.

The thing you should know, however, is that I’m not always satisfied with the photos that I take. And when that is the case, I usually don’t share them.

Jade Sambrook standing naked wearing only shoes and an open shirt with his erect penis visible
I usually won’t share photos, like this one, where my penis looks smaller than it already is

You may be wondering what it is that makes me disapprove of my own nude photos? And you may also be wondering why I would be hesitant to share them when I have so often affirmed my lack of any body-shame?

The truth is, since I am naked for all to see, it is subjectively imperative that I look reasonably decent. This means not being in an awkward position or having an awkward face. It also means, for example, not having objects or set decor interfering with the focal point, which is my body, and to a certain extent, my penis. In other words, nothing should be strikingly sticking out from behind my head or any other body part.

But more importantly, at least for me, is that my penis looks as good as possible (if it’s even possible for a penis to look good in the first place? LOL!)

Jade Sambrook sitting on a chair with his erect penis on display for a nude "Playgirl" style photo shoot
I usually do not share ‘Playgirl’ style photos, like this one, if there are too many wrinkles on my testicles

Since my penis is exposed for all to see (no that’s not a photography pun), I have certain subjective preferences as to its overall look. For example, if my penis appears to be smaller than it already is because of the camera distance or angle, then I will not approve the photo to be shared. Or if there are too many wrinkles on my testicles then I will definitely not approve the photo to be shared.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that it is perfectly normal and natural for testicles to have wrinkles. It was even clear for me to see this when I viewed some old Playgirl magazines for ideas and inspiration towards my own photo shoots. In fact, the grand majority of photos in Playgirl magazine show models with wrinkles on their balls, and this, ranging from a small amount to an extreme amount. Because again, wrinkled balls are entirely natural and normal.

Nonetheless, I do my best to take photos where the appearance of wrinkled testicles is minimized. And if there are too many wrinkles, or if my testicles are hanging down to my knees, sort of speak, then I will definitely not approve the photo to be shared.

Now, what do you think? Am I being too difficult on myself?

Jade Sambrook sitting on a chair with his shirt fully buttoned and his erect penis fully exposed for all to see
”When my penis is exposed for all to see I want it to look as good as possible”

Having no body shame means that I shouldn’t care how small my penis looks, or how wrinkled my testicles appear. This is true. But, it is also true that when sharing myself without clothes, I simply want to feel that I look my best. And this is precisely what I strive to do.

With that being said, I must admit that I was not entirely satisfied with the results from this particular photo shoot. Yet, I decided to share them regardless, in a private Snapchat Story, while at the same time asking for feedback and comments.

My argument being that if the feedback and comments were overwhelmingly positive, that maybe going forward, I wouldn’t be so quick to discard potentially good photos simply because I think that my penis looks too small, or that my testicles look too wrinkled.

Now, considering that I am sharing this latest nude ‘Playgirl’ series here on my blog, I imagine that you will be able to deduce that the comments and feedback that I received on Snapchat were overwhelmingly positive.

And so now it’s your turn, if you so desire, to leave your verdict in the comment section below in regards to this series of my latest nude ‘Playgirl’ photos.


5 thoughts on “My Latest Nude ‘Playgirl’ Photo Series: The Verdict

  1. Robin Hawley Gorsline May 16, 2019 / 10:13

    Dear NJ, I always appreciate your posts–of course as a gay man (I know you are not) I enjoy looking at your naked body, but even more I appreciate your vulnerability and your evident pleasure, joy, in that. I especially appreciate this post where you talk about your concerns about how you appear. As a 72-year-old man whose penis is small (since I first noticed it) and whose body, despite healthy weight loss the past several years, is now becoming increasingly wrinkled (and not just my smallish scrotum!), I appreciate your honesty. Keep it up (as they say!).
    Robin Hawley Gorsline

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jade Sambrook May 16, 2019 / 10:55

      Ha! Thank you for the awesome comment Robin! And great to hear from you after so long!

      Indeed, I’ll be keeping it up (LOL!) now that I have rediscovered by joy of blogging.

      I guess the good thing about being my own photographer, editor and publisher is that all decisions are mine. So there are no pics that I dont like appearing somewhere just because I signed a model release. In other words I have the final say.

      I think most of us men think that our penis is smaller than it is, but once measured we realize it’s on the average or not far from it.

      Again, thank you for the comment! Until the next one: stay naked! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Naked Johnny August 3, 2019 / 21:30

    Naked Jade — These photos are ALL really kewl – I can see how much you dig running around necked and hard — Dig it — never try to cover up in public — there is no shame — just a powerful amount of nudist pride! I know you must have same nudist naked ideals. Were you raised nudist, also ? Naked Johnny


  3. Adam November 18, 2020 / 18:37

    Jade, your photos are hot, I love the bottomless waiter, I did that when I turned 40 to earn cash after being made redundant from my Bank Manager job, my junior got me the job as he always noticed my nuts in my pants. Can you do a Page 7 shoot please. Page 7 was sexy guys like page 3 was sexy girls. We wore a suit and tie and socks shoes and sock braces no pants or briefs. I got ball ache by the end of the evening.


  4. Bartolomeu Dias September 12, 2021 / 16:24

    That you ask yourself the question of, how can I make my cock look best, and isn’t my ballsack to wrinkled šŸ¤”, that’s understandable at such at first photo series taken, and of course everyone would sort out unfavorable photos. That’s why I like the opening picture, on which you only have a semi-erect dick, best, because it shows how long he really is šŸ†. Personally, I also find photos with a relaxed ballsack more beautiful, because there you can also see the individual testicles of the man, but unfortunately the condition of ones scrotum can only be influenced to a limited extent (cold, stress) šŸ™. You have the advantage of having fairly large testicles, which compensates the unwanted sight of possibly many wrinkles on the ballsack. All in all, a thoroughly successful photo series you took. ā­ā­


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